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Find details on how to help to become a sponsor of our activities. If you have ideas on new programmes please let us know on the contact page

Camp or Day Course


The courses we run have become the main stay of our activities. Based on funding we can run 1,3 or 4 day courses in a variety of locations. Courses are based around polo activities in each morning, including grooming, vet sessions, riding, mucking out, stable work. Followed by sessions on well being, visit to Guards polo club, mentor discussions, barracks tour etc…. these can be tailored to meet the needs of the attendees. Get in touch if you are working with a charity and would like to work with us or are interested in funding a course

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‘Change Your Line’Charity Team

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We have been working in the field for a few years and met a number of great individuals from injured ex-soldiers to young people from Brixton and those living with HIV. We would like to find funding to bring these groups together and build a ‘Change Your Line’ team that we can grow and promote polo as a sport for change. Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved.

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We have been privileged to work with some brilliant young people that despite difficult challenges are going to university and beyond. If you would consider sponsoring an individual for a period of time such as a year at university polo club please let us know.

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I can’t thank you enough. You have all changed my life in such a positive way. You guys have opened so many doors for me and changed my whole mindset; you’ve helped me find the real me