Our Vision

Empowering. Challenging.


Power of Polo is a new and unique, national charity.  Our mission is to positively impact the lives of anyone facing social, economic or health challenges, utilising the sport of polo.

Our strap line ‘change your line’ refers to how this sport can help you to change the direction of your life and is taken from the most important rule of the game – the line of the ball.

Our model is one of partnership, collaboration and facilitation. Many polo clubs are keen to provide charitable programmes but do not have the necessary infrastructure to be able to perform, sustain, monitor and evaluate them. Power of Polo provides this support by bringing together charities, polo clubs and other relevant organisations with the common aim of making these programmes a reality and facilitating the programmes by providing assistance with financing, training, monitoring and evaluation.

Starting with a youth programme we are aiming to build the charity with new partners and participants from all walks of life. We have built youth leader positions within our courses as an opportunity for appropriate young people to develop skills which can help them towards their careers in the future.

It is our hope that by being a focal point for the charitable aim and by sharing the work being done by individual organisations with the wider polo community, we can be a catalyst for growth.

As a teenager there was a lot of gang violence going on, a lot of murders and knives and guns being hidden in bushes and so on….it’s enhanced me in a different type of way where I can go anywhere and talk to anyone, I can fit in the polo world, the corporate world, the streets, so it’s elevated me at a different level.